BEFORE I SLEEP is a film about love, loss, and hope, presented in the uniquely American form of a road movie. It follows the complex and unlikely bond that develops between two women, whose shared journey leads them to an unexpected catharsis and liberation.

It’s a commercially viable independent film, comparable to DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL (Dir: Marianne Heller), CERTAIN WOMEN (Dir: Kelly Reichardt) and AMERICAN HONEY (Dir: Andrea Arnold). Helmed by the immensely talented and gifted writer/director, Jan Eliasberg, BEFORE I SLEEP has the potential to captivate audiences and critics alike with its universal themes, unique structure, and richly drawn characters.

The screenplay follows the journey from traumatic loss to healing for our dual protagonists – MIRANDA, a female architect in her thirties, and ALLY, a fourteen year old runaway. MIRANDA’s deeply drawn character arc will attract an A level actress capable of giving a sublime and authentic performance. Her counterpart, ALLY requires strength and risk from a young actor eager to embrace a career-making role.

Akin to Natalie Portman in THE PROFESSIONAL, Jodie Foster in TAXIDRIVER, or Jennifer Lawrence in WINTER’S BONE, this is a breakout character that will announce the arrival of a star. The key to the success of BEFORE I SLEEP is perfect casting, moment-to-moment raw authenticity in the script, as well as brilliant performances in every role. Jan Eliasberg’s impeccable theatrical training, as well as her recent work on television shows such as THE MAGICIANS and NASHVILLE, make us confident that our target demographic -- young women-- will leave the movie theater having taken a journey as memorable, exciting, transgressive, and ultimately hopeful as the last generation’s THELMA AND LOUISE.